Who are we

Roski Composites Inc.

The RSK-I trailer is a product of Roski Composites Inc.

Roski Composites Inc., located in Roxton Falls, Quebec, is recognized as an expert in the manufacture of composite materials products.

A bit of history

In 1963, Roski Ltd. was created to supply composite parts for snowmobile assembly lines. In the early 1970s, Roski was tasked with producing and assembling a first generation of personal watercraft.

In the 80’s, Roski refocused operations on the production of personal watercraft hulls and decks, thanks to the company’s development of a highly efficient robot-based technology called RSM™. With this development, Roski became a major supplier of such parts.

On August 23, 2013, the Roxton Falls plant was acquired by four company managers and became a corporation in its own right under the name Roski Composites Inc. While remaining a major supplier of personal watercraft hulls and decks, Roski also renewed with the production of high-standard technical products for the transportation and construction industries. Today, Roski continues to serve many customers throughout North America.

In January 2016, Roski Composites Inc. takes a new turn and launched its first line of proprietary products, which includes the RSK-I.

Roski Composites Inc. is a composite materials manufacturing plant located in Roxton Falls, Quebec, Canada.

Roski® has diversified its operations thanks to the development of a highly efficient robotic technology.