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* Shipping and preparation costs in addition. The trailer is delivered unassembled. 

This trailer manufactured in Quebec is the ideal equipment to enjoy your leisure and simplify your work.


Product Description



thanks to its easy maintenace. Adapts to all vehicles.

Sturdy yet lightweight

thanks to its fiberglass construction.


thanks to its design made to easily navigate around obstacles without getting stuck.

100% fiberglass

Easy maintenance. Do not rust.

Technical Specs

Length: 2.34 m 8 ft
Width: 1.22 m 4 ft
Height: 0.61 m 2 ft
Weight: 64 kg 140 lbs
Capacity: 910 kg 2000 lbs
Internal volume: 0.4 m3 14 ft3
Clearance : 0.33 m 13 in
Wheels: Ball bearing
Material: Fiberglass
Tires: 22 x 11.00 – 8
Fastener: 2 in

Assembly Instructions

To assemble your RSK-I trailer, please read the following Assembly instructions.


Product Features



thanks to its ease of maintenance. Fits all vehicles.

Light yet rugged

thanks to lightweight fiberglass.


thanks to a carefully crafted design enabling it to easily overcome obstacles without getting stuck.

100% fiberglass

for easy maintenance. Does not rust.