Interview with Florence, a new hunter!

03 Nov, 2016

florence-temoignage-rsk trailer

When did you start hunting? 

I started last year. I had a chance to shoot, but I preferred not to take it because I did not want to touch a mother with her calf.

And this year you changed your mind?! 

This year, I went two weekends hunting. I did not know if I would have a chance and if I would take it, but I went anyway. I saw several roe at each output, but in the last day I had my chance. I was able to gather my first take.

Are you proud of it? 

I am really proud! I loved my experience and I would do it all over tomorrow if I could. 

Is the RSK-I trailer you have been helpful? 

Yes, really helpful. We tied it to our ATV and we took my roe out of the wood quickly and easily. Last year, we were not that well equipped and get my father’s roe out of the wood had taken much longer. The trailer is really perfect to take a “buck” out of the forest.